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Robert Grosberg
370 Mulberry Lane
West Hempstead New York 11552 (516) 481-3743
June 25, 2000
Mr. Shlomo Katz
Elite Caterers of Lawrence
1047 New McNeil Avenue
Lawrence, New York 11559
Dear Shlomo,
Thank you for the beautiful wedding that you facilitated for Nechama and Uri. Everyone had a wonderful time, and the chasson and kallah truly enjoyed it. Without your dedicated efforts to insure every detail, the wedding could never have proceeded as smoothly as it did. The food was tasty and presented nicely, and your adherence to the schedule made the wedding run just perfectly. Any issue was handled professionally and was addressed properly. You were there to take care of every crisis. Your calmness and assurances were the key to making the affair a total success.
On a personal note, I will always remember your menchlichkeit in dealing with me and with the time and effort that you gave to help me through what was fro me a difficult situation. You were there for me to insure that my children had a meaningful and beautiful wedding, and that I managed through it in every way. Thank you.


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